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Address of the board chairman

The magnet wire has been changing our world.
Jingda has always been ploughing deeply in the field of magnet wire and be forward-looking technological development.
In the past over twenty years, Jingda has never changed the dedication to the cause of magnet wire. Starting from sratch, we have grown into the largest special magnet wire manufacturer in China at an amazing speed. Besides pursuing perfection, running bigger and getting stronger in the main business, we also make great efforts to step into emerging industries, and gradually conduct the two-wheeled development strategy of traditional business + emerging industries to build intelligent industrial ecology.
We look forward to entering a new future in quality, technology and innovation.
An outstanding enterprise must mind the world and shoulder the social and history responsibilities. Jingda with the fast developing rate always puts zoology and environment protection in the first place, achieves a win-win situation with the world in a manner of respecting and lives together with the earth. We will build Jingda’s dream of lasting for hundreds of years with the keep-moving passion for innovation, and forge the eternity of Jingda with excelsior product design.
Building Jingda brand and making Jingda last for hundred years.
Good vision can by no means be accomplished overnight, it even will take several generations of unremitting efforts in Jingda to realize it. However, we set this vision with sincere attitude. Once we set it, we will be prepared to make strenuous efforts to achieve it.
We hope that we could build a stage without ceiling for all the employees in the journey of realizing the vision, let everyone develop their talent, realize their dreams. At the same time, we will make due contribution to the economic development of China and the world.

Tongling Jingda Special Magnet Wire Co., Ltd.
Board Chairman  Li Xiao

Company profile

Tongling Jingda Special Magnet Wire Co., Ltd. (hereafter called “ Jingda”) is located in the South Bank of Changjiang River, China's important copper production base – Tongling City, Anhui Province.
Jingda is a key high-tech enterprise in China. It is the largest special magnet wire producer in China and the third largest one in the world.
It was established in February 1990. Currently, it has over 2,925 employees and 12 subsidiary companies (including 4 joint venture companies, 6 domestically funded companies and 2 trading companies). It owns a technical development center of provincial level (is applying for National Technical Center right now).
There have been formed four major production bases, respectively located in Anhui, Guangdong, Tianjin and Jiangsu. Its products directly cover Changjiang River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim Region. In addition, some of its products have been exported to Europe and South Asia.
Jingda’s main production equipment and test instruments are introduced from Italy, Germany, Austria, USA, Demark and Taiwan region of China.
Jingda was certified to the ISO9001 standard quality system, TS16949, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety system. Jingda also received the certification of UL for its key products.
Jingda was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange Market on September 11, 2002 with Stock Code of 600577.
In 2017, the budget total sales volume of Jingda’s products is 224,896 tons, including 154,020 tons of magnet wire, 48,036 tons of automobile wire and electronic wire, 2,840 tons of special conductor, 6,350 tons of copper rod (wire), 13,650 tons of aluminum rod (wire), manufacturing and maintaining 181,000 dies.
In 2011, the sales revenue of Jingda reached over RMB 10 billion. It covers over 85% of the market in the area of compressors of refrigerator in China with some of its products enjoying 50% of the market shares.
The products of Jingda are widely used in the following industries: household appliances, electronics, automobiles, electric power, communication and power tools.

Company Honor

Top 500 in manufacturing industry among the
private enterprises in China.

The first batch of national enterprise
credit certificate

The compiling enterprise for China wire
and cableindustry "13thFive-Year"
plan development guidance

Certificate for Product Exemption fromQuality
 Surveillance Inspection

China famous brand products

Key national Torch Plan Project certificate

Tongling environmental protection
good faith enterprise

Top 20 enterprises in Anhui Province

Top 20 enterprises in Anhui Province

Ranking 37 among the top 100
enterprises in Anhui Province

Top 10 most competitive enterprises
in China’s wire and cable industry

Enterprise credit AAA class

Key high-tech enterprise certificate

Excellent enterprise

Enterprise abiding by the contract and
keeping promise in China

AAA Grade Credit Enterprise in Agriculture Bank

Outstanding Non-public Enterprises

AAA Grade Credit Enterprise in Construction Bank

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